the last day of school

Looking back on the second most oddest school year of all time I really didn't think we would make it here. I mean remember last August? There was such a flurry of activity and scrambling to get the kids back that picturing their final day of school I  just never thought it would actually get there. But we did! With a few closures and quarantines here and there, but we made it! And it flew by! These kids just rocked this year! They rolled with it and just showed me how resilient kids can be! Sure, they want to have a mask burning party but don't we all?? The last day of third grade, kindergarten, and fourth grade! 

My mom and I met them at the bus with water guns as per tradition but of course my boys ran away yelling straight into the house with barely a drop on them! Letty was a good sport and we got to spray a few neighbors but man. My boys are party poopers! But before all that happened we had Letty's fourth grade celebration slash graduation! More on that tomorrow!