the hottest baseball tournament. ever.

There is a big reason why I am so far behind on all my blogging. Well, quite a few. I have pretty much been going non-stop for a week and a half as I am writing this and one of the reasons why was David's baseball tournament. This season has been no joke and this tournament was more of the same. His first game was at 8 pm Friday night. As in the last night of school. They pulled a win out of that one to play again the following day at 3. Which they then also won. And were back again on Sunday for a game at 9. Which they won to go on to a championship game. Which they did not win. But they played their hearts out and grew so much this season and there were a lot of statistic type things that I could say but I'm not really baseball savvy even after four seasons of ball playing. It was hot. They were troopers. I am proud. Also a big shout out to the siblings who spent their entire weekend sweating in the name of baseball. Huge thank you to the coaches (looking at you Matt) who spent such a great deal of their spring with these boys! You were awesome!

And a big thank you to Shauna for taking these first four awesome photos of David! I will frame each and every one!