I should be far better at naming these... like this one could be obx: the one with the photoshoot. Or, obx: the one with the first bonfire. Either way today was a really good and fun day! We got a lot done and just made a ton of memories. 

Of course we were at the beach for the majority of the day. My dad got take out again for lunch and I of course true to form got a burger, another yum. I am still recovering from all the food I had this week! Matt "needed" a boogie board so he took the boys to the shop and they came back with matching hats... so then Letty also wanted a hat to match me of course. The clouds looked a bit ominous in the afternoon but it went right by us thankfully!

It was my brother and Sadie's turn for dinner tonight and they did all things Mexican. Rob took care of the margaritas and man you have one or two of those and yikes. But we did, have one or two. Which  made the aforementioned photoshoot even more fun! Beth and I even got to play photographer for a bit which was different! Thanks to Ash for taking them for us! Those will come tomorrow!

And then we all got into our comfy clothes and headed down to the beach for the first bonfire. We should have had one of these every night honestly. All beaches should allow this! We just hung out and our phones were down (other than taking photos of course) and we just got to be. All to the tune of a gorgeous sunset and then stunning starts. 

It was a good day. A great day.

I love this last photo. I may frame it.