This day started promising but quickly changed to rain for a few hours in the morning. The kids were of course up early as per the usual to play with their screens... and Uncle Robbie brought back Duck Donuts! Because, when in Rome! Me and the beach on a rainy day does not bode well. I get twitchy. As soon as the local souvenir shop opened I took the kids over there and got myself a hat because rookie move Laur, you need a hat and the kids all got OBX t-shirts and then magic upon magic the sun came out! To the beach we went!  Down for more beaching in all our OBX finest! My dad got pizza for lunch which was so yum and then back we went for a few more hours before pool time! The night's dinner was once more by our chef, bbq chicken and potatoes, another big hit! Then we just relaxed around the house and watched the beautiful sunset, from two sides! No matter where you look down there it is just gorgeous!