Maybe there will be just a post a day of nothing but family, the beach, sand, waves, etc... Maybe that is just how it will be. My kids don't sleep in on vacation, as a rule. And with Matt and Colton heading to surf fish each morning at 5 am, neither did I. Coffee on the deck overlooking the ocean is a great way to start the day! The kids on their screens... Tenley letting the entire house know she is there and hungry... The things vacations are made of! 

The kids spent so much time squealing into the sea it became almost background noise. And digging. Always with the digging. It wasn't the sunniest of days but somehow that suns still did a number on a few of us in the burning department. My parents had brought down a big easy-up that was erected each and every day for those shade lovers (needers) in the family and it was put to so much use this week. And me? Well I spent a lot of time reading. Just me and my books. It was the most amazing thing. I read three of them. I mean who am I? My brother?!

Then it was back to the house for what would become our afternoon routine. Swim. Coffee. Laugh.

Then inside for showers and more screen time before dinner which was once more prepared by the chef. Yum! The kids in bed the adults played What Do You Meme? game before we ourselves headed to bed. Day two, done!