OBX, an intro

After many years of suggesting a big ole Trovato family beach vacation we finally did it! Eighteen Trovatos all in one beach house in the Outerbanks. Right on the water. With a pool too! Some of us left at 5:30 that Saturday morning and felt quite cocky for having been in zero traffic around Baltimore and DC only to make up for it in spades around Richmond and then the OBX themselves. That drive sucked so bad. At one point I thought about just leaving the vehicle and running... it would have been faster than we were driving. But I digress. We got there! Home for the week!

My parents paid for a chef for as many of the nights as she was available and let me tell you, so so so nice! Made with Love: Hatteras Island Chef Services if you want to check her out on Facebook... Our first night she just swooped in with delicious fare, cleaned up and packed up and swooped out! It was the perfect way to start the week!

And of course any photos worth their salt are taken by my sister-in-law.

I’m not really sure how I will break these posts up as every day's agenda was: wake up, go to the beach excessively early, swim in the mid to late afternoon when Rob would bring us down our coffee on a tray, showers and then dinner….maybe some ice cream, maybe a bonfire on the beach then sleep… Repeat the next day. But I’ll figure it out don’t you worry!