fourth grade graduation

In our district elementary school only goes to fourth grade. Then she moves on up to the middle school for fifth to eighth grade. Ask me how much I love that? I don't. But I don't have a choice. On the final day of school the PTO moms (myself included this time) put together a celebration-graduation if you will. It was supposed to rain so they thankfully got permission to allow us in the building. First all the students in the whole school line the halls and us parents too as the entire fourth grade walks around the halls for a clap out. Which I hate. Loathe. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. But I made it through that and it was all good from there on!

The first station was awards in the gym. Letty got the Library award (I mean I can't with the pride there) and the STEM award which wasn't as surprising because that girl loves her some coding! Over 250 hours of coding logged. Which is a lot of screen time, I know. I got photos of her with her super hero team, her learning support teacher who has been a huge advocate of Letty's for years and years... her aide who helped her daily in the classroom and of course her classroom teacher. We have been so blessed with the staff at this school I cannot say that enough. Then the kids all went to the photo booth area which was absolute chaos but fun! Then they got their diplomas after a short speech from the principals (to middle school and beyond!) and then it was outside for ice cream and pretzels! To end it all the kids all got to have a countdown and throw biodegradable confetti as sort of a proverbial hat toss. It was such a nice way to celebrate their accomplishments as they move on to middle school. They were all so happy and excited it was hard to feel nostalgic and sad. Congrats to all you fourth graders! You'll move mountains!

And Nonna and Poppop surprised her with flowers when she got home! For the young lady that she is!