we got another cat!

As we all know Nera is well.... Nera. She is quite awful actually but Matt loves her and so she stays. We had been discussing for months if adding to our little feline brood would help her or make matters worse... and finally we decided we wouldn't know it until we tried. And so enter: Sorellina (little sister in Italian). She is seven months old and beautiful and the just sweetest thing! And it did not backfire. They are friends! And I might even go out on a limb here and say Nera is actually nice with her around? I know, gasp. We kept them separated for awhile and just allowed supervised visits but now they are out together all of the time and they are doing so great! Sorellina might be a tad more adventurous than we are used to in our cats but there isn't much wrong with that so long as she behaves around Christmas time. Prepare yourself for that now girl...

I'm so glad this worked out and I'm so glad the kids and I have a cat that allows us to pet her!