best laid plans...

When we initially planned this weekend the only thing on the agenda was Angry Orchard. That being done and Newburgh having been explored we were stumped for Sunday’s plans. What to do? I threw out there seeing the Statue of Liberty because my boys had never been and I know you can catch a ferry from the Jersey side... Steph and Avery loved this plan! I went to purchase tickets only to discover the Jersey side is not open till the end of May. The men thought that was that and that this foolish idea was done with. But then I reminded them that it’s only an hour to Newark and a twenty something minute train trip into Manhattan and then we could get the ferry from there... Bonus? The kids could all see The World Trade Center. And Mark and Steph hadn’t been back since before.... the men gave their grumbling consent and booked the tickets were! Steph packed up all of her family of four in about two minutes flat and we were ready. 6:30 am and off we would go! NYC bound!

This is the way we normally go into the city... taking the PATH train from Newark. I was the one who was familiar with the whole thing but I hadn’t prepared for covid schedules or platform changes. I mean really. In all these fifteen years of traveling in this way the platform was one place.... Now the train visits an entirely different one! But I digress. We made it in time! Even with a metro card issue. Then we walked down to hop in line for the ferry!

I had assured Mark that this would not take too long. I told him we would be back on the big island by lunch. And that is what happened. First up was Liberty Island which I think we were only on for like twenty minutes.... we walked through the museum and then around her feet before hopping on the next ferry to Ellis Island. We walked through this museum a tad slower, much to the men’s chagrin. And then it was back to the city via ferry once more!