angry orchard!

Twenty minutes from the hotel and many a turn on Bob’s Road later we arrived at a big giant barn with the Angry Orchard logo slapped right on the side.... it was quite beautiful with all the trees because you know, we were in an orchard. We had reservations for 2:30 for a table of 8 (9, but don't tell Letty). Now before this visit I would have told you that I don’t particularly care for cider, thats Matt’s drink of choice at a brewery. But after I tasted their Peach Mango cider I was sold. So good! We also got some food which I was pleasantly surprised was delicious! The kids got their food from the truck outside because: fries. And it was also their second lunch and we had dinner plans so. They didn’t need much. 

We hung around there for quite a chunk of the afternoon before heading back to the hotel. But first we needed Dunkin. And then we went back out for more food. All before retiring back to the Fitz Suite for the night and some brainstorming about tomorrow’s plans....