a morning in newburgh

We spent a quite a deal pondering the fact that we have never vacationed together before, the Fitzs and I... and all we came up with was that at that time of our lives vacation time off from work was slim and we prioritized going away with our families. Once we realized that we no longer were limited by time off from work (within reason) we knew it had to become a thing. We initially spent one entire day focused on taking a cruise but well, the world didn’t change that much in the seven months prior now did it? Back to the drawing board it was... the beach? But what if it rained?! The horror of five children stuck inside at the beach! So it was suggested by someone unknown (me, I am quite sure of it) to go visit Angry Orchards in Walden, NY. Which is basically three and a half hours north and in the middle of nowhere. Hotels were booked (with a pool, naturally) and it was done! You can tell this was really thought out which turns out is a theme of this weekend.... 

We left after school/work on Friday and were able to snag a mini reservation in the pool so the kids got to jump around and yell. We reconvened in the Fitz’s suite for the rest of the night where there was a lot of snacking. 

On to morning! There was crappy hotel coffee and then a run on a treadmill to start the day! We also were able to grab a slot at the pool quick for the kids, the last one of the trip, schade! The hotel we stayed at was in a town called Newburgh, on the Hudson. We drove into town to check it out and have lunch. I found out about Pizza Shop on the google so that is where we went. Such good pizza! And right on the water! We wandered around for a little before crossed the bridge into Beacon to go to Two-Way Brewing.... and then we went off in the general direction of Walden.... 


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