best laid plans...

When we initially planned this weekend the only thing on the agenda was Angry Orchard. That being done and Newburgh having been explored we were stumped for Sunday’s plans. What to do? I threw out there seeing the Statue of Liberty because my boys had never been and I know you can catch a ferry from the Jersey side... Steph and Avery loved this plan! I went to purchase tickets only to discover the Jersey side is not open till the end of May. The men thought that was that and that this foolish idea was done with. But then I reminded them that it’s only an hour to Newark and a twenty something minute train trip into Manhattan and then we could get the ferry from there... Bonus? The kids could all see The World Trade Center. And Mark and Steph hadn’t been back since before.... the men gave their grumbling consent and booked the tickets were! Steph packed up all of her family of four in about two minutes flat and we were ready. 6:30 am and off we would go! NYC bound!

This is the way we normally go into the city... taking the PATH train from Newark. I was the one who was familiar with the whole thing but I hadn’t prepared for covid schedules or platform changes. I mean really. In all these fifteen years of traveling in this way the platform was one place.... Now the train visits an entirely different one! But I digress. We made it in time! Even with a metro card issue. Then we walked down to hop in line for the ferry!

I had assured Mark that this would not take too long. I told him we would be back on the big island by lunch. And that is what happened. First up was Liberty Island which I think we were only on for like twenty minutes.... we walked through the museum and then around her feet before hopping on the next ferry to Ellis Island. We walked through this museum a tad slower, much to the men’s chagrin. And then it was back to the city via ferry once more!

angry orchard!

Twenty minutes from the hotel and many a turn on Bob’s Road later we arrived at a big giant barn with the Angry Orchard logo slapped right on the side.... it was quite beautiful with all the trees because you know, we were in an orchard. We had reservations for 2:30 for a table of 8 (9, but don't tell Letty). Now before this visit I would have told you that I don’t particularly care for cider, thats Matt’s drink of choice at a brewery. But after I tasted their Peach Mango cider I was sold. So good! We also got some food which I was pleasantly surprised was delicious! The kids got their food from the truck outside because: fries. And it was also their second lunch and we had dinner plans so. They didn’t need much. 

We hung around there for quite a chunk of the afternoon before heading back to the hotel. But first we needed Dunkin. And then we went back out for more food. All before retiring back to the Fitz Suite for the night and some brainstorming about tomorrow’s plans....

a morning in newburgh

We spent a quite a deal pondering the fact that we have never vacationed together before, the Fitzs and I... and all we came up with was that at that time of our lives vacation time off from work was slim and we prioritized going away with our families. Once we realized that we no longer were limited by time off from work (within reason) we knew it had to become a thing. We initially spent one entire day focused on taking a cruise but well, the world didn’t change that much in the seven months prior now did it? Back to the drawing board it was... the beach? But what if it rained?! The horror of five children stuck inside at the beach! So it was suggested by someone unknown (me, I am quite sure of it) to go visit Angry Orchards in Walden, NY. Which is basically three and a half hours north and in the middle of nowhere. Hotels were booked (with a pool, naturally) and it was done! You can tell this was really thought out which turns out is a theme of this weekend.... 

We left after school/work on Friday and were able to snag a mini reservation in the pool so the kids got to jump around and yell. We reconvened in the Fitz’s suite for the rest of the night where there was a lot of snacking. 

a whole lot of moments in between

I haven’t done one of these in well over a month... shame on me! Suffice it to say we have been quite busy! Friend time, school time, baseball and flag football... David runs the show these days.... swimming every chance we get... lots of going out to eat, you know, the norm! Doing all the things and going all the places and keeping every day just packed to the brim. But hey, it sure beats last year!

our mother’s day

Matt, as he does, pulled out all the stops on Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed, a mimosa, gift cards for a massage or a facial, flowers! And of course lots of sweet notes from my three (thank you to their teachers, always!). Then I hit the gym for a very long time only to be greeted with a bubble bath upon return. He’s too good isn’t he?

Then I had to take David to flag football. Which was what it was. In the rain. 

And then we headed over to my parents’ for dinner cooked by the men in our lives. Delicious! Love all these ladies in my life!

a trovato pool day

In May! Early May! I cleared our schedule and everything because when it is supposed to be in the 80’s and sunny on a Sunday that is just what one does. Flag football be damned! So everyone that could came and swam! The first cousin swim day of the season! And I am still living off the tan I got that day because this weather lately has not been cooperating with my pool plans!


This annual fundraiser finally got to happen! Normally in the fall, but, details. It wasn’t the same of course but the kids still got to raise money for the PTO and get outside and run! Letty's final Race and Dom's first! Feelings! Cylo was there from our local baseball team... they got popsicles (not David because he is David)! And the rain mostly held off. I will take any sense of normalcy for these kids! In a strange year with no assemblies, no mingling between classes, etc. I will take what I can get!


A few weeks ago I flew the coop with two of my lady friends and headed to the shore for some much needed relaxation time and the sun! It was totally last minute and totally unlike me but I figured I survived in the fall I can do it again! Plans were made and off we went! The weather was phenomenal for April... I’m talking 70’s and sunny! After lunch we were able to change into our suits sunny! And the following day was more of the same! I’m not sure there is anything harder than leaving the beach on a gorgeous sunny day. Not a single thing. 

we got another cat!

As we all know Nera is well.... Nera. She is quite awful actually but Matt loves her and so she stays. We had been discussing for months if adding to our little feline brood would help her or make matters worse... and finally we decided we wouldn't know it until we tried. And so enter: Sorellina (little sister in Italian). She is seven months old and beautiful and the just sweetest thing! And it did not backfire. They are friends! And I might even go out on a limb here and say Nera is actually nice with her around? I know, gasp. We kept them separated for awhile and just allowed supervised visits but now they are out together all of the time and they are doing so great! Sorellina might be a tad more adventurous than we are used to in our cats but there isn't much wrong with that so long as she behaves around Christmas time. Prepare yourself for that now girl...