our easter

What a difference a year makes! Last year we were all trying to just get through the first major holiday affected by the shut down.... still trying to keep up traditions and make things fun for the kids... and this year we got ourselves together and even had visitors from out of state! Like the good old days!!
But first! The Easter Bunny had to come! He stuck to mainly all things pool related and candy because that is just how the EB rolls. The kids need zero more toys if I may say so. The kids seemed mildly thrilled with it all but really were there for the candy, specifically chosen for each of their discerning palates.

Later that afternoon we went over to my parents' house in our Easter best and saw my aunt and uncle and cousins who we haven't seen in well over a year! They  brought delicious baked goods all the way from New York as well as some cash that my kids cannot wait to spend. Then we ate all the things. Matt made cold cut bread and I made the Sicilian Easter soup (one of very few things I make) and of course all the meats and cheeses. This is what I am here for, the appetizers. The main meal is just filler to me.

Then we had an egg hunt! The little ones out back, David by the drive way and Letty out front. More candy! The rest of the day was filled with eating and catching up before being surprised by my brother and his family who had been with his in-laws earlier. So glad that we all got to be together on Easter once more!