a local-cation to the hershey lodge, day two.

We didn't know if we would be able to get into the Waterworks again but my sister once more came through and we could get in again at nine. But first we had to have breakfast! Where Tenley got the largest pancake I have ever seen! My dad and Matt left after that because they had to work but we all headed back into the water park once more, this time for only an hour and a half slot. With the arrival of April over night the rules changed. Back at it, the kids did all the could do in the time they had! Tenley thankfully after having a full night's rest really enjoyed the waterpark! And Uncle Colton to the rescue for playing basketball with David. Someone get that kid a ball!

Included with our hotel stay was tickets to the Hershey Gardens and the Hershey Story Museum. I figured, we had them, why not use them? We went to the Gardens first to see the butterfly atrium. Now this is normally what our kindergarteners would be doing for their field trip this year, but of course, no field trips. I personally am glad they got to see it! All the pretty butterflies and the tropical flowers. Love it all. We walked around the rest of the Gardens as well to see what blooms we could...

My sister and her family headed home because I mean, museums are so interesting for three kids six and under right? But I soldiered on and took them. This place would have been David's second grade field trip last year which was of course cancelled so I thought he would be all about it but no. He was just in a mood. We probably didn't even spend a half hour in there. Just a quick jaunt through the museum... before heading home. All within 24 hours of leaving it....


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