a local-cation to the hershey lodge, day one.

I'm making it a thing. A local-cation. My sister discovered as season pass holders to Hersheypark that we got a nice discount rate at The Hershey Lodge. We did this before, last January, and it has a nice little water park. She asked if we wanted to come along as well as my parents and so yes! We will! The kids had a half day before Easter break so we headed up there after they got home, bathing suits on!

Our room wasn't ready when we got there but my parents' was so we all headed there before walking around the hotel... checking out what one can. And sorry dad, they did lay in your bed.... Before you knew it we could get into the Waterworks. They have a reservation system thanks to COVID so we got a two and a half hour time slot starting at 3. In we went! I like this water park because you can basically see where your kids are at all times and I just tell them to come and check in with me before running off to the next area so I know where to find them. Letty seemed to love hanging with her younger cousins and the boys just loved the water slides. David pretty much stared down someone until they let him play basketball with him and he was living for that! They all had so much fun!

We left a little before our time slot ended so we could dry off and change for dinner. My sister had gotten us reservations at Fire & Grain which is right in the hotel, so convenient! They had to split our group because of, need I say it? So the kids had their own table!! A kid's table! Gasp! They did great and Uncle Matt helped them figure out their meal selection before even sitting down to figure out his own. I of course got a delicious burger, as Laurie does. After dinner we got the kids ice cream before heading back to our rooms for a popcorn and TV party in pjs!