our easter

What a difference a year makes! Last year we were all trying to just get through the first major holiday affected by the shut down.... still trying to keep up traditions and make things fun for the kids... and this year we got ourselves together and even had visitors from out of state! Like the good old days!!

a local-cation to the hershey lodge, day two.

We didn't know if we would be able to get into the Waterworks again but my sister once more came through and we could get in again at nine. But first we had to have breakfast! Where Tenley got the largest pancake I have ever seen! My dad and Matt left after that because they had to work but we all headed back into the water park once more, this time for only an hour and a half slot. With the arrival of April over night the rules changed. Back at it, the kids did all the could do in the time they had! Tenley thankfully after having a full night's rest really enjoyed the waterpark! And Uncle Colton to the rescue for playing basketball with David. Someone get that kid a ball!

a local-cation to the hershey lodge, day one.

I'm making it a thing. A local-cation. My sister discovered as season pass holders to Hersheypark that we got a nice discount rate at The Hershey Lodge. We did this before, last January, and it has a nice little water park. She asked if we wanted to come along as well as my parents and so yes! We will! The kids had a half day before Easter break so we headed up there after they got home, bathing suits on!

the in-between

It has been a hot minute since I've done one of these.... and putting them together I see a big theme... I like baby cuddles, going out to eat (a lot), flowers, friends..... 

So the little moments in between have been looking something like.... niece cuddles! Dress like a book character day at school, lunch with friends.... Reclaiming the play room one corner at a time... flowers and cake baking with friends... Watching Letty grow up to be quite the young lady! David's research book that he was just so proud of...baseball started and bike rides on every warmer day we can...Schitt's Creek love still going strong.... lunch with friends! Popsicles with friends! Snacks while our girls are back at Girl Scouts! Working whenever I can at the kid's school (yes, I do work and quite enjoy it when I can get in there!). A rare day with Aunt Lolo! More good eats. Girl Scout drive-thru cookie booth. Dinner with our Fitzs after months apart! Kuboto rides... a rare day-date with Matt! Assume the lunches are a weekly thing. Cuddles by the pool! Swimsuit organization! Cousins who ice cream in new-to-them cups! Niece cuddles! Flowers! My daughter who won't stop growing! And sisters who watch their brothers practice baseball..... 

To be continued...

easter egg dying and cookies

Again, a tradition we have always upheld, COVID year aside. Dying the eggs. The mayhem of it all. The noise and the chaos. I have missed it it so! My sister also made cookie dough and she had fun Easter themed cookie cutters as well and spring colored sprinkles. I mean all the things on a Sunday morning!

It was utterly exhausting but felt oh so very normal! For us.

fishing with youths

There is a youth fishing day? I did not know this. Thankfully we have friends who know such things and they asked us to go along. Well, Matt was asked and I just invited myself along. When Dom is involved extra help is needed... The dads didn’t get much fishing in but the kids all caught a fish in some fashion or another. And the moms got to chat and sit in the warm spring sun. My kind of way to fish if I do say so myself!

the pool is open!

We actually opened her up like the last Friday in March... But yes, she is open! Early, I know. But we have a heater! She is so pretty to look at! The lights at night especially! Who wouldn’t want to open her up early? And of course the kids even got to swim a time or two so.... summer is close!!! I can feel it!