so, what are we doing these days?

When people ask me how it's going, or what is new, I just want to say you know... living the dream. Because I'm sarcastic like that. But we have things that are the same as normal years and then things that are just our new normal. As much as I hate saying that... But here I am... catching up the blog on what I've been doing since the last of these posts... Sort of a monthly photo dump.

The kids celebrated the 100th day of school (glory halleluiah).... at-home hair cuts are still going strong and I don't see them going anywhere... I've been practicing the dutch braid and really failing at it.... I got to peak in on Letty's Valentine's Day thing at school... we had a zoom meeting about the fourth grade graduation celebration thing and I only cried a little.... lunch time hangs with my main kindergartener.... finally got some new chairs for my "reading room" which is still half playroom.... I got a $2 bill from my nail lady and I just knew David needed it... cat naps.... friend nights.... hanging with one of the many sweet fourth graders I know and sending a pic to mom.... fasnachts.... living for summer and buying new suits... my first library book in over a year.... more snow and sledding and forts.... a day in the fifty degree range meant we got outside and scooted.... a new shirt for Poppop... Fridays are for The Bullshead... Dom only had three other friends in his class for awhile and he actually was loving it.... matching with friends and more hectic friend nights!

It's a lot. When I see empty days on the calendar and think about how weird and unusual that is for me pre-COVID times it helps to remember all the things we are still doing. What about you all? How are we holding up?