a philly field trip: independence hall

The next morning without so much as a sip of coffee we were off for a walk to see Independence Hall. And on the way there was coffee.  And a lot of other things, some not so nice and a wee bit scary. But we made it to the gorgeous visitor center where I think we practically moved in to that day. At least three maybe four bathrooms runs.... I digress. 

We could only be allowed into the square in increments of five every fifteen minutes so we split up girls and boys. Then we had to wait in line to get into the hall by the same allotment of people. All in all we waited two hours to get the tour. Which was about fifteen minutes. I think our husbands have forgiven us for this. But we were there. We just had to do it! The kids did great either playing on screens or eating snacks or torturing the rangers for trading cards...

Once inside we were told the history of the building and all that occurred inside those walls. It actually was pretty interesting and I think thanks to Hamilton, my kids sort of has a vibe about the entire thing. 

When the boys finished their tour we headed to the Liberty Bell where there was another line that Toniel was already in. Some of the group decided to wait and some decided to not wait. This building twenty people were allowed in at a time. I sort of made the kids run through it because I felt bad for butting in line.... but we saw the bell! It was there!

Another walk to try and find dining and we found success on our second attempt! Had to get a cheesesteak of course! Even if it wasn't one of the more famous ones...

After eating and lots of whining about the day being over we walked back to the parking garage and started the journey home. Completely shot. 

Now. Where do we all go next?!