a philly field trip: the franklin institute

A little backstory first... our school’s third grade field trip is always going into Philadelphia and doing the Franklin Institute. Letty was sooo looking forward to this. And then the world shut down. So a few moms of fellow third graders thought oh we will do this over the summer then! Which of course turned into well, before the end of the year! Which then turned in to well, in the spring since Philadelphia closed down in November. We even had hotels and tickets for December! Anyways so we finally did it! Six adults. Nine kids. Franklin. Institute!

We got the first time slot available and thanks to Toniel’s master trip planning skills we even had an affordable parking situation for the duration of our stay. We met on the steps before heading in for our temperature screening. We did all the things. Planetarium included! Letty got to see the brain that she has been waiting a year to see... David loved the heart section. And Dominic was all eyes for the space area. It was pretty empty and lots of sanitizer everywhere. Thankfully! But I’m still fairly certain the staff breathed a big sigh of relief when our tour group headed for the door! Obviously all field trips have been cancelled for this year as well so I am thankful that my current third grader also got to experience this. 

More later!