a philly field trip: chaos unleashed upon the city

Did I get you with that title? The entire weekend I kept joking that the people of Philly were gonna put an APD out for us... all the kids, the yelling, the noise.... It was a lot. Once we left the Institute we needed to find food for all and adult beverages for well, the adults. Finding a place to accommodate 15 people in the heart of Philadelphia during a pandemic was no easy feat. We found a place that had the tables we just had to split up which we had expected. 

Everyone felt better once they had eaten (and had a drink) so we headed to the hotel to see if we could check in early. We could not. We were able to reserve our allotted pool hour thankfully. While we had time to kill we took the kids to Logan Square and let them run around until check-in time. 

After we got settled we headed towards the pool and tang Covid-craziness. The kids loved it! It was for the kids. That’s what I kept telling myself. The hour flew by though thankfully and then it was time for showers and take out and snacks and tv and nail painting! All before bed. Exhausted but ready for another day!!