since i last checked in...

It's been almost a month since I went through my camera roll and looked at all the in-between moments... A lot our days have the same rhythm to them but every now and again there is a moment worth documenting...

Like accidental matching with a friend... Some fresh hair cuts that need to actually be redone pretty soon here.... a sleeping cat is the best cat.... cousin time... sunrises and good foods..... winter flowers should be a thing, let us make it a thing. Pizza parade with friends... couch cuddles and well visits..... field hockey and scar inspections.... niece cuddles and an odd sunrise.... shopping and breakfast with friends that we have not seen in months.... One last Christmas tree view (yes they are all officially down)... the dress-up station is now a gorgeous hutch... I've been working out... a lot. Lunch with friends and more working out... Girl Scout cookie sales and jersey day at school... hot tub on a cold winter night.... ice cream for breakfast with friends and new finds for said hutch at a local store.... pajamas all day on weekends and more niece cuddles! And food. All the food.

Even though life is slower than normal for us things aren't so bad now are they? 


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