our super bowl

If you have been around here for a minute than you know that my love of sports is less than enthusiastic. And I have been blessed with a husband who feels the same way. Unfortunately our son finds all sports thrilling. So here we are. Anyways we normally just go over to my parent’s and eat lots of food and hang out. So we did the same thing this year, but with masks. My mom had a Valentine’s themed craft all ready to go which gave the kids something to do for a bit. My parents ordered food from Wegmans... all the foods. Definitely ate way too much food. Did I mention food? After dinner we took the kids out back so they could sled to their heart’s content. I ended up running up and down the hill because man those sleds were quick

We watched a little of the game before heading home because alas, school night. And we made sure to record the game so that David could watch it in it’s entirety the following day after school.