our super bowl

If you have been around here for a minute than you know that my love of sports is less than enthusiastic. And I have been blessed with a husband who feels the same way. Unfortunately our son finds all sports thrilling. So here we are. Anyways we normally just go over to my parent’s and eat lots of food and hang out. So we did the same thing this year, but with masks. My mom had a Valentine’s themed craft all ready to go which gave the kids something to do for a bit. My parents ordered food from Wegmans... all the foods. Definitely ate way too much food. Did I mention food? After dinner we took the kids out back so they could sled to their heart’s content. I ended up running up and down the hill because man those sleds were quick

We watched a little of the game before heading home because alas, school night. And we made sure to record the game so that David could watch it in it’s entirety the following day after school. 

since i last checked in...

It's been almost a month since I went through my camera roll and looked at all the in-between moments... A lot our days have the same rhythm to them but every now and again there is a moment worth documenting...

Like accidental matching with a friend... Some fresh hair cuts that need to actually be redone pretty soon here.... a sleeping cat is the best cat.... cousin time... sunrises and good foods..... winter flowers should be a thing, let us make it a thing. Pizza parade with friends... couch cuddles and well visits..... field hockey and scar inspections.... niece cuddles and an odd sunrise.... shopping and breakfast with friends that we have not seen in months.... One last Christmas tree view (yes they are all officially down)... the dress-up station is now a gorgeous hutch... I've been working out... a lot. Lunch with friends and more working out... Girl Scout cookie sales and jersey day at school... hot tub on a cold winter night.... ice cream for breakfast with friends and new finds for said hutch at a local store.... pajamas all day on weekends and more niece cuddles! And food. All the food.

Even though life is slower than normal for us things aren't so bad now are they? 

cousins who sled

We just have been having all the snow these past few weeks it feels like... and one of those particular snow days all the cousins (and their parents) got together at our development to get their sled on... But first, the only photo of our snowman that was so cruelly decapitated moments later by David.

snow days, get your snow days here!

Just like much of the northeast we had ourselves some snow at the beginning of the week. Our district kindly allowed on actual snow day where kids could be kids but then the second snow day was virtual. Which is a nice balance and I'll take it. I don't want to make up snow days anymore than the next mom. Not when my pool is open no ma'am. It started on Sunday and went through Tuesday... lots of inside and back outside and the dryer going constantly to keep their snowstuffs ready to go at a moment's notice.... It is always so pretty at first... I almost forget that I'd rather be where there are palm trees. Almost.

my niece turned three!

And there was a party! Oh Audrey! What a joy you have been these past few months! You have been way more chatty and I am loving to get to know your little (big) personality! You've been so shy with me most of your life so this is just huge and I will take every second of it! We had a great afternoon celebrating you and your love of all things Frozen! There was cake and singing, present opening, and lots of play time with cousins! I sure hope you felt all the love and that having a pandemic birthday wasn't so bad after all! 

We love you so much! You sassy spitfire you! May you never change!

a theater with a bar?

This is a rarity in PA. I've never been to a cinema where we could order food and drinks and then they would deliver them to your chair before the movie started.... But on another random Monday off of school that is just what we did! I figured that none of my kids could get injured sitting and watching a movie... Safe bet right? So we saw the second Croods with some friends and it was definitely an experience! I don't think I can go back to just any old theater... they had me at the vodka tonic! Oh! And the heated seats!

And the movie was cute! Kids had fun! No one was hurt! The end!

ice skating on a long weekend...

That ended badly. Yet again. 

And I'm just getting around to writing about it here so.... very 2021 of me.

We had a long weekend a week or two ago and so we decided to do something special with the kids and landed on ice skating. The older two have gone a time or three and they were doing pretty well, moving around with their friends.... Dom was simply terrible without the walker but with the walker he was practically sprinting! Around and around we went... for just shy of an hour until Matt says uh Laur, David fell and he has a pretty deep cut.... I took him off to the bathroom to look at it and yeah, Urgent Care was once more calling my name. He cried when he learned he needed stitches but other than that was so very brave! He took an almost clinical view of it all, even watching the stitches take place! His biggest concern once the cut was numbed was more along the lines of am I allowed to stick this finger out? Three stitches and an x-ray later and off we went. So thankful to our friends who kept Letty and then drove her to us... we have our own brand of crazy us Olsen’s...

And now there is me, ten plus days later and no less anxious about another injury happening any second now. Because really... bad things come in threes.