what is new with you?

Just going through my camera roll from the last few weeks and here are the in-betweens! 

Remembering festive days at school is fun! Even if there was just one before they shut down before Christmas....At least David got to have a quick party in his class. The kids got their school pride beanies in and we combed David's hair to look like his uncle's circa 1998... Nera shenanigans and festive tshirts....  Dom got a Baby Yoda shirt from a friend and I am hard pressed to get it off of him! Same goes with the Alexis tee I got. Ew, David! My sister watched the boys while I took Letty to her orthodontist appointment and I returned with cookies for all! Then we had a fun night with friends! Dom and his nose and fun Instax film with Letty! Good skies and Christsmas trees in every room! The gym opened back up and I couldn't wait to take a BodyPump class! I was in the school a bunch of times, some recesses more freezing than others...Letty got a hockey game in and she scored and they won! I rewarded Dom and his stictch removal bravery with a slushee the size of his head, just like his Poppop did when he got them in! I had lunch with friends now that indoor dining opened back up... Dom got some badges at school and David got a new teacher yet again... third of the year! And Letty has to quarantine for a bit so it was just her and I at lunch for a hot minute.... What about you all? How are we handling this year so far?