our final visit to hershey for the year

Christmas break was so not what they normally crack up to be in my opinion. Normally I am the frame of mind to just have the days so jammed packed there is little to no room for fighting or wrestling. This was not the case of course this year.... however I did get it into my mind to take the kids up to the Hershey Zoo and then run over to Hersheypark one more time before the end of the year. And we had friends join us! Letty's friend and Dom's friend and their mom went with us and man, going with other people to Hershey of a similar height restriction is just so great! And Lindsey is a major fun mom and does all the things. So. There is that. We got on so many rides and got some yummy snacks before we got too cold and headed on home! Till next year Hershey!