christmas eve

Back in March I kept saying oh as long as COVID doesn't mess with my Christmas! And then here we are, it messing with my Christmas. My parent's big cocktail party - cancelled! Thankfully we were still able to get together with my immediate family as no one did anything or saw anyone leading up to the day... And we hosted! Everyone brought a bunch of apps and such and it was just a night of grazing for all. There was a lot of niece cuddles on my end which is always much appreciated...The kids changed into their pajamas and watched The Star which is just a really cute movie if you haven't seen it yet. We put out our reindeer food and tucked the kids into bed after reading The Night Before Christmas.... 

So it wasn't the same. And we missed seeing so many of our friends at the party... but we made the most out of it and kept some traditions alive! It's just over so fast you know??