who dominic is at six

Hard to believe my baby is six.... which is probably how I have started every birthday post since 2015. But it is still a fact that time marches on and that on this day my little bouncing baby boy is now six. So who this six year old?

Well, I’ll tell you. He is one thing at home and an entire other thing at school. This is nothing new though. The school Dominic is mild-mannered and quiet. He is friendly and happy. He is writing so well and is quite smart, the sneaky little thing. He has girls chasing him and he sees fit to tell me. Apparently two of his classmates have been giving him kisses on the cheek (with masks on of course) after he tells the girls the pull my finger joke so.... there is a lot to unpack there and we don't have time for that at the moment. His teachers and aides all love him and say, Dominic?! Naughty!? No! They don’t believe me. 

The at home Dominic hates all the things. He is in a constant state of dismay and disapproval. Read: lots of fits and whining and crying and running from the room. Video games or an iPad technological issue can send him off in a fit of rage. He only has two speeds, happy and content or ready to watch the world burn. We have to work on our feeling words. 
He gets up bright and early each and every day. It doesn't matter what time he goes to bed. Before the sun. He loves tacos and buttered pasta. Pizza and chicken patties. Pancakes and goldfish. But nothing chocolate oh nooo heavens no and don't even put sprinkles on his vanilla he will lose it. 
He loves video games and his iPad. He loves all things Star Wars and Imaginext. The Child and The Mandalorian are his bffs. For. Life. The other day he was in his room playing whilst jamming to the Imperial March. He misses Disney on the daily. If you get him alone he will not stop talking and the sound of his sweet little quiet voice just really throws you because man does he still go The Hulk all the time! He hates having his hair cut with a fury. He still loves Jack Skellington. And all the skeleton things. When in Disney he did all the thrill rides and just ate it right up. Which makes sense because he is a toughie.

All that to say he loves his mama and tells me so all the time. He is a sweet and affectionate kid when it is on his own terms. Every time we watch a movie he is always cuddling me on my lap. Not sitting still mind you, but he is there. So underneath all that thick skin I think he is quite actually a sweetheart. And I'll take that to my grave.... except you know, when he is being a complete jerk. We love you though buddy... oh do we ever. Those babies get away with more and they always shall... That is their burden to bear. Happiest of birthdays my not so little man!