when we celebrate dominic

Two weekends ago we got together with our immediate family to celebrate our littlest man turning six. Having a winter birthday really is the pits! No pool and soooo close to Christmas! But we try to make it fun just the same! Like opening all the doors and windows on the first floor to increase airflow and then also having to turn up the heat to compensate. Good times COVID... Good. Times. 

He chose as his theme this year, Legos. Which incidentally, was the same theme as last year. He likes what he likes. And he has only been planning this since June. We had chips and appetizers while his birthday dvd played in the background and the kids played.... Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs and then it was gift time! Fun and exciting for the young and old alike! This kid is spoiled absolutely rotten the month of December it is insanity! And yes, he sleeps in that Child hat. Then we sang and had cake and wrapped up a  night of fun! With balloons!