our covid thanksgiving

I never would have thought eight months ago that this pandemic shit would still be going on. And while our lives feel much more "normal" than they were in March things are still so not normal. Thanksgiving is usually a time where my aunts and uncles and cousins come down from New York. Every. Single. Year. This year obviously was a no go. And while Thanksgiving isn't a real favorite day of mine it still made me sad. I love my traditions! We were lucky though, because we had our little Disney quarantine bubble and so were still able to see family. Plus my brother and his girls (all three of them). I shouldn't complain one bit. But I do, because that is who I am.

So Thanksgiving, COVID style.... We ate the foods. All the foods. Well not me because this meal is one of my least favorites ever.... But everyone else did. We made a festive apple cider cocktail and Matt made his cold cut bread.... We let the kids run around outside because thankfully it was a gorgeous day.... they did their Christmas craft courtesy of Nonna (because who knows what tomorrow will bring!). And we watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, a first for me strangely enough! Plus all the desserts then! Our elf, Cornelius, arrived as he typically does.... and while Matt and I are so over him the kids love him so much and couldn't wait for him to come! We debated informing them that he can't come because of COVID but COVID has screwed up so much for them that we didn't have the heart. He always brings matching Christmas pajamas too which ironically enough their cousins (who do not have an elf) also have! Matching pajamas forever and ever! 

So it wasn't like year's past, but it was still good. We got to be with family, thankfully. Who are all healthy, thankfully. And eat good foods, thankfully... What about you all? You made it through ok?