dom's actual birthday

Dom's actual birthday fell on a Tuesday. We woke the kids up early so that Dom could open his gifts and play with them a little before school. He loves his Imaginext! I had to work that day so I spoke with his teacher and over my lunch break I got to go into his classroom (a first for me) and help with the holiday craft which made. my. day. After school he informed me he wanted to go to Amos Herr park even though it was freezing out so we did just that.... Then we drove up to Hershey to go through Sweet Lights! And then we got him and David McDonald's and Panera for the rest of us before driving home. It wasn't what it should have been but I think he was a very happy six year old at the end of the day. Oh and of course because it is his birthday he sleeps in our bed which as you can see worked out great. For Matt....

Oh, Happy Christmas Eve!!! I know it is not what it should be... but I hope you can find some joy in these strange times! This too shall pass!