another day in candylane!

It is such a rare thing for me to have free weekend nights in the month of December.... but of course this year everything is different. When one has a free night one must do something festive and so all of my nieces and my nephew (and assorted parents/Nonna) headed up to Hersheypark once more! We visited with Santa again quickly even though it is quite depressing to see him up there in his mask... We went on a bunch of rides, none that made us cry thankfully! And we had to wander through Tree Ville since it wasn't open the last time we were there. We stayed pretty late for us and of course had to hit up Wendy's on the way home.... cold but exhausted from all the fun!

It's no Disney or anything, but I'm glad we can do something normal this year, and you know what? The masks are actually kinda great with the cold...