a day at animal kingdom

Animal Kingdom was our final full day at Walt Disney World. Such sweet sorrow! This park also has the shortest open hours of them all. So we got there right as it opened, which I have learned is an hour prior to the listed start time... And we were greeted by a rainbow! I really wanted to try and get on Flight of Passage so the kids and I along with my sister and her husband and Lena took off at a speed walk to get there. It. Was. Walk. On. I was shocked. The ride was just so so sooo good! Another bucket list Disney ride crossed off my list to be sure. By the time we exited the ride the line was already well over a half hour long so we moved on to the River Journey. Then it was more Starbs... monkeys, Everest for the first timers which they just so loved, the Kilamanjaro Safari, The Triceratops ride, then DinoSAUR which I was pretty excited to scare David by bringing him on.... Tough to be a Bug (David also hated this). We sat in the Relaxation Station a few times maskless and watched the boat cavalcades go by... Minnie and Mickey, Santa, and Pocahontas. We took this train way out to Rafikis watch or some such place and the kids got to pet goats.... something new and different... It was raining or drizzling off and on all day which was a bummer but I took it as a sign that Disney didn't want us to leave just as much as we didn't want to go. We rode the Safari again before our dinner which was at Yak and Yeti, another first! Just so good. 

We left after dinner and got the kids ice cream and their flattened pennies and then did a final stroll around the Boardwalk before bed. Just so forlorn, leaving Disney. I hate it! I know this whole experience was different than normal, but what is normal these days? The masks were annoying but we got used to them very quickly and half the time the kids didn't even remember to take them off! There was still so much Disney Magic that I would highly recommend going! Short lines, less crowds, still so amazing! And so clean. 

And of course! Thank you so very much to my parents for as always wishing to make amazing memories with us and with our kids. We love you so much and appreciate you!