we took a trip! during a pandemic.

Which sounds ridiculous, I get it... but it was actually pretty normal! And I mean, it is Disney we are talking about here. They just do things right. We weighed our options over and over again for the past eight months trying to figure out what was the right thing to do.... and we followed along with Disney's reopening journey and decided that we would just do it! Make it happen! Make those memories! See the Disney Magic, etc! And I have zero regrets. The entire experience went amazingly and surprisingly well.

First up, getting there! We typically drive and when this trip was booked over a year ago the plan was to do the same... Us Olsens had debating flying down early at one point but then: COVID happened and everything changed of course. So drive or fly? We decided the less gas stations and take out food and hotels the better, and so we turned to flying. Southwest has a policy where if you aren't with a member of your party the middle seat must be left open, so as a family of five that was a perk to us. No strangers in our row thank you! We left my parent's house at 3 am.... So early! Everyone wore their masks in the van on the way down, throughout check-in and security, etc. I saw no one disobeying. We had a quick breakfast once checked-in and then we boarded our flight. Again, no one took their mask off that I saw. And just like that two hours later we were back on the ground and it was warm and there were palm trees! I mean, isn't that quite the deal? Maybe flying isn't so bad after all....