we made our own fall fest. with friends!

The normal fall fests we go to are of course not happening this year... so my friends and I sort of made up our own! My friend Toniel's (the brain behind this entire operation) man friend has himself a farm a little less than an hour away from here... and he was very very (very) brave and let us plan a whole little fall themed afternoon! Even if he didn't understand portions of it... Yes, pumpkins can be painted and not just carved! I think he is still her man friend after dealing with all twelve (!) children for an afternoon. I sure hope so... 

The kids had a day off school on the Friday we had this all... and thankfully Mother Nature decided to be kind and give us just the best weather! And just like that six families (!) drove across the river to Etters, bearing our own special brand of crazy! His farm had a corn maize and a pumpkin stand... he set up a huge trailer complete with hay bales so we could all go on a nice hay ride... and Toniel brought paint so the kids painted the aforementioned pumpkins. Oh and cider and champagne for the adults!  It was the perfect fall afternoon and spending time with friends, I mean what more could we ask for? Thank you so so so much for having us! And... I'm sorry. 

After all that fun we had to keep it going with some foods... We hit up Divine Swine on the way home! My sandwich had mac and cheese on top so we all know how I felt about that.