the ren faire

I have never been here really... at least not to watch all the medieval things that go down there. But we were gifted tickets and had a few free hours in between games a few weekends back so we took the kids. It's apparently quite the deal. Who knew? Plus it was a gorgeous day. Dom loved all the spooky Halloween decorations... the skeletons and pirates especially. He loved the guy on stilts and the glass blowing demonstration. He loved the horses and the jousting. He loved it all and did not want to leave. He cannot wait to go back. David and Letty enjoyed it to be sure but not as much as Dom, which surprises me. They each got to pick out a little tiny souvenir (don't look at me I'm not the fun parent) and that made them even happier. A necklace for Letty, a pirate doubloon and map in a bottle for Dom and a rabbit's foot key chain (ew) for David...

It got super crowded real fast so we didn't stay too long but it was a solid fall Saturday afternoon.