hersheypark in the dark

We had decided to get a refund for our 2020 season pass tickets because I wasn't keen on having to wear a mask in the summer heat.... but when we all went to get our 2021 passes we saw that for a little bit more money you could get the rest of this year tacked on too... so that is what we did. The heat is gone (sadly, for my pool's sake) so the mask thing isn't really an issue...

The first Friday that they opened up for their Halloween season we were there for it. My mom, my sister and her family, and me and the kids. Matt and my dad did not get passes this year so they enjoyed a lovely kid-free dinner. Rude.

The whole entrance has been totally redone and it is just so pretty and big and open! Season pass parking is so much closer! There is sanitizer everywhere and everyone wears masks and it really couldn't have been a better experience I don't think. We hit up a bunch of rides since there was like zero wait for any of them.... my mom or sister watched kids when need be to help me out... and of course the trick-or-treat trail. Candy! The kids actually informed me that they had fun which is something I normally need to drag out of them.... tell me you enjoyed this kids! Please! But they did that all on their own which just shows me how much they missed it!

We will be back!