the first day of school

I have survived five school days... on the sixth! The days are quiet... I had a ringing in my ears the first day or two. I have been trying to keep myself as busy as I can and it is working out okay for me. I’ve been whittling away at the list of stuff I wanted to do around the house item by item.... and before you know it 2:30 rolls around and within four minutes they are all screaming at each other. But I digress. 

The first day of fourth, third, and kindergarten. They were so excited to go to school! The boys in particular. David was practically bouncing with excitement! After such a break my goodness to see their excitement made sending them off into the void so much easier. I know the school day will look a little different for them but it’s not that different. Yes they wear masks and they don’t interact with other classes within their grade.... and lunch is more spread out. But they love it! The masks are a non-issue. They are just happy and excited and that makes me happy and excited. 

Dom’s first day of kindergarten is different than the other kid’s first days. I kept him with me at drop off and returned at an allotted time to meet teacher and do a classroom tour. After that was done I took him out for a final Janelle lunch. He’s been our date for so many years we will miss him! He emphatically informed me that he doesn’t like wearing a shirt all day...transitioning from swimwear to real clothes is going to be rough! Forget the masks! Real pants?! Ew. 

And then before you know it the bigger kids got off the bus and into my arms! And then you know, I had to take them for their traditional Post First Day Rita’s! Keeping whatever traditions alive that I can!

The next day I made sure my sister was in the car behind us to drop her daughter off with my kids so they could all walk in together and it just made me so happy. I couldn't picture Lena walking in solo when she didn't have to! And I also got really lucky and was able to go into the school and  help out a few times! Those kindergarteners need a lot of corralling... Getting in there and seeing their smiling faces (eyes) just makes my day!