the final day of summer vacation

Having survived the first week back to school I finally am allowing myself to relive the last day of summer vacation. Or the last day of whatever you want to call the past six months cation. The final days of summer always have me feeling so forlorn. It's not just my babies leaving me but it is also the freedom of the summer leaving me. And these past months have been kinda nice, not having to be here or go there... lots of things I normally self inflict on our schedules we just couldn't do... and getting back to schedules and packed lunches and sports just seems super... overwhelming. Can't we just stay home all day in our swimsuits?

Which is just what we like to do with our final day of summer. I invite my entire family over and we have ourselves a last hoorah in the pool. I mean... other than Labor Day hoorah. And this day was super exciting because baby Tenley got her first dip of the summer... or her life. She of course was so good, even with everyone clamoring all over to see her. Oh and there was pizza. 

And that was that. Everyone left with plenty of time for us to get the kids ready for bed and prepare ourselves for what is to come in the morning.... so long summer. You were weird, but I'll still miss you.