so... what are ya'll doin?

How have we all been? Are we recovering from getting back to some normal life-type things? It was hard, wasn't it? Going from nothing to everything within a few weeks was a shock to my system. Who am I kidding, I haven't recovered yet! I feel tired body and soul most nights... and naturally I still have my anxiety waking hours from 2-4 am so that is fun. 

Lately..... we have been wishing we could have more pool days like the beginning of the month... I'm missing getting into the school like we were able to do the first two weeks of school to help with kindergarten lunches... Getting photos of my kids from a friend always made my day! Field hockey and baseball started for the bigger kids and thank the powers that be that they have the same practice schedule! At the same location. Woohoo! One perk of it getting darker earlier is that I get to see some good fall sunsets! I also decorated for fall, inside and out... More on that later as one does. I have finally gone through my list of things I wanted to do once the kids go back to school... All the cleaning. Finding hand written gems in the kid's rooms was definitely a highlight... I'm not able to swim but I'll still hang out by the pool and my chef provides the eats... David's games overlap Letty's but as I am Coach Olsen for hockey I may miss half of them, at least... I had a lovely lunch with some lovely ladies that I'm pretty sure should become a monthly thing.... Saturdays are hockey games and baseball games... thankfully we have friends all around! Annnd in between all that there are niece cuddles and more sunsets and moon views!