my belated post about labor day

Yeah, I'm still here! If you have watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix then you probably understand my sudden urge to just get rid of all social media platforms... Except Instagram. You can't quit me Instagram! I recently went to 'private' on that account because of an inappropriate comment made about one of the kids that just made me skeeve a bit... but then there is this thing that I have worked on for seven (?!) years and I'm just over thinking sometimes you know? What is the right thing to do and is it worth it and hey, maybe I'll just make this private, that's a thing right? So I'm not sure what I'm doing with this place at this current time but until I figure it out I'll do a little catch up...

Sound good? Ok!

Labor Day weekend. Oh back to a time when it was warm enough to swim... It has been feeling like fall for a few days now and even though we all know I love fall I'm just not ready! We have a pool! I want to float in it in silence while the kids are at school and I have yet to do that! 

I barely took any photos on Labor Day because I'm not quite brave enough to test the whole waterproof feature of my iPhone yet... but on the last unofficial day of summer we swam. My family, those that could make it anyways. And we ate all the foods with patriotic napkins and we called it good. Now I'll take some more days like this please!