harrison is three!

Oh this not-so-baby-anymore boy! My nephew, Harrison, has turned three! He just doesn't love me like I love him... But someday he will come around I am sure of it! I was holding out hope for his sudden jealousy of the loss of my affections when his baby sister was born but sadly, he could care less that my attentions are diverted. But sometimes he lets me tickle him and I'll take it. And on the kid's first day of school he ran right over to me and gave me a hug, because he knew that Aunt Lolo would need it. So he pretty much has my heart. Even if he won't have my hugs.

A few weeks ago my sister had a shark themed dinner party for family to celebrate this bright light of my life's birthday! He got to open his presents and have cake and we all had some yummy eats! 

Oh Harrison. You are at my most favorite age! You are so so so loved! You are smart and funny, sweet and good, you take such good care of your baby sister and you are the most handsomest Harrison Charles there ever was! Happy birthday to you!

Apparently I never shared anything from his second birthday so no wonder he doesn't love me!! But I do have Harrison's first birthday... and when he was born!