a day of days... all for ice cream!

Oh I have missed days like this Sunday a few weeks ago! A day where we just do all the things. In all the land. Which naturally means that we were most likely with my friend Toniel (which we were) who is just as (if not more) crazier than I am with filling up a schedule! We had been planning on visiting our friend's ice cream shop, Twisted Sisters, all summer and could not put it off a single day more! So that was the main point of this day. To support our friend.

But first. Cabelas. The ice cream shop is a little over an hour away so it made sense to just plan other things around it to make more out of the drive. I would make the drive just for their ice cream mind you...  But since Cabelas is right there and it has animals and fish in there we thought we would pop in real quick. Dom has really been missing the zoo let me tell you that kid did not stop talking about all the animals he was seeing. Poor kid! Get that child to a zoo, stat!

Then we met Toniel and Janelle and all assorted children for lunch. Thankfully they basically gave us a room all to ourselves because my goodness when these kids get together it is loud. Before eating all the ice cream we figured we should let the kids burn off some of their pizza and so we went to a playground.... it has one of those spinny things? The fun parents of the group tried to see how fast they could make it go and I am pleased to report that no one threw up. Also, I am not the fun parent.

And then we got ice cream! Which was of course, the reason we were in Orwigsburg to begin with. The kids ordered all the things! Thanks so much for having us Janelle! I hope we didn't traumatize the sweet girls you have working there with our particular brand of crazy! And I am loving the wings on the brick wall!

And then we said goodbye to Janelle and family who stayed to visit their Nonna and went onto the final activity of the day... A short hike with an overlook! It is on the way home from the shop so it was a no-brainer. Just a little bit onto the Appalachian Trail and there she is, a view. 

And then we slept. The end.