wrapping up summer. almost.

Those beach weekends took a big chunk out of August, I get that, but man did this month fly by! August is the Sunday of summer but still. Even though I’ve had six months to prepare for life to pick back up again now that it is knocking at my door I’m not sure I’m ready for it! Kids gone all day... regular sports returning... not to mention the other extra-curricular activities if we decide to do them! 

I am ahead of myself. Catching up on August though!!

David was a catcher for the first time and he loved it... Letty and I wore our Fred's t-shirts with a covid twist...good rainbows and David getting a game ball...flowers and friend swim dates...dinner out and then a kindergarten tour in....a cousin sleepover...family swims...farm flowers and a final friend night swim...a birthday swim for Livi, and then a birthday breakfast and pedis for Sydney and Sylvie...pool swims and friends...our final day at Nonna's and another cousin sleepover...

I feel like we must get these things in while we can... for who knows the future! But school! It is almost here and we are ready for it!