the air show!

We normally are here for this event in June but thanks to things being what they are that was cancelled. Conveniently though it was rescheduled for the very same weekend the Olsens would be back down! With an additional four people on the pontoon we decided to head to Assateague to watch it. Which is another favorite boat destination! We loaded up with alllll the things and set up shop to watch the show! Matt grilled and the kids floated and we investigated the ocean side of the island which is always so gorgeous and just so... empty!

Unfortunately the rain started in so we headed back home, navigating quite the bush bay!

Aunt Sue set the kids up for a rainy evening activity of rock painting to wrap out our day! For come Sunday the rain was here to stay and we pretty much just packed up and headed back home... saying our goodbyes to the beach for the summer...
Thanks so much Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue for as always a lovely beach weekend!!