stone harbor, a weekend!

We had two whirlwind long weekends at the beach (back-to-back) with lots of sun, sand, dirty feet and no shirts (for the boys anyways) and it was so much fun and all things summer! The first weekend we went to Stone Harbor with my high school best friend and her family, as they have a family home down there. We met up the first day for lunch where, thanks to CDC guidelines, they cannot sit a party of nine. No problem! The kids just got to eat at the table next to us all grown up like and it was amazing for us grown ups to not have to holler over the level of noise my kids create. Back at the house of course was the first of many crab pot checks before heading to the beach... And what a gorgeous beach it is! Stone Harbor is just amazing. So clean and pristine and beautiful, the homes so gorgeous (I'd take about any one of them) and well kept. I’m a big fan of it all!

Rhonda and I just got to sit back and watch our kids play... they all got along so well which is of course the best! They put up with our kind of crazy! 

More tomorrow, of course!