our final two beach days

Our last full day we had a relaxing morning at the house... the kids just playing and the like. We took them back to the playground again because it was requested that we do so. Then after lunch we hit up the beach... had some more ice cream... But then! All of my dolphin loving dreams came true! Dolphins were everywhere. And not just like passing down the coast like I have seen before I mean like hanging out. Playing. Jumping out of the water... coming in super close to the shore. Everyone ran out into the ocean to get as close as they dared and I'd say I was about ten feet from them! It was amazing and everything I could have ever hoped for. Wild. Dolphins. The photos don't do it justice and I wasn't about to bring my phone out into the water but still. Amazing.

After all of that excitement we headed back to the house. Tonight all of Aaron's hard work on those crab pots paid off: crab night! We ordered food in for those of us less than enthused crab eaters.... and then Rhonda and I took Letty to walk around and look at the cute shops. Ending with of course.... more ice cream! And then more good sky!

The following morning we packed ourselves up and then had one final lunch out before heading home... what a great time with friends we had! Dare I say this become a regular thing? Dare I? Thank you so so much Aaron and Rhonda for having us! We seriously spent the entire weekend laughing and smiling.... you guys are the best!