letty’s party with her friends

I capped her at ten girls. She would have invited the entire third (fourth?) grade if she could have to be sure but no, I can't deal with much more than ten. And as it was her tenth birthday it seemed only fitting. She chose a luau theme as I may have mentioned earlier... So it was all sorts of full circle type things to pull out the decorations I used at her first birthday party for this year, her tenth. Did I mention she is ten??? To make it extra special we got her a pinata. A pig in a grass skirt. Because why  not? Daddy also made all the girls Shirley Temples. There was a whole lot of sugar and snacks and of course cupcakes and swimming. Some of the moms hung out with me so it was also like a birthday party for yours truly as well. My daughter sure knows how to pick them! Friends with great moms. I'm a fan!

Letty got ridiculously spoiled and I'm not even sure what to say about it.... Just, wow!  So many fun gifts and she loved them all! I still haven't forced her to find a home for each and every one but I think today is that day. Time to find a storage solution lady friend!
Did I mention for some of the guests it turned into an all evening affair? I should just plan on that for all future friend parties... pizza will be ordered... night swims will happen, etc. 

All that to say she has the greatest group of girls surrounding her and I am so thankful for that! I'm such a fan of this group and I'll say that forever and ever! Thank you to all who came and celebrated with her!