letty’s party with her family

Letty's family party was missing quite a few members of the family this year... but we still made the most of it! I had all the decorations of course and all the foods.... we still had the pool and the sun was shining! We even got to see my brother from a socially distant space! My sister brought us some Rita's which is like Letty's love language! Matt made wings and a lasagna and then of course we had gifts and the cake! Which I am now making cakes I guess.... I tried to make it look all fancy but it was still a boxed cake. A boxed cake with a flower to hide the piece of cake with no icing so my father would eat some....

It wasn't what I imagined for her tenth party... I hate when we are missing family! But it happens as these things go.... I still made the house look as festive as possible and she felt all the love. And I love me some little men in their Hawaiian print shirts... I mean, who wouldn't?  And and and! Thank you to my dad for replacing our computer so I could actually make a birthday dvd! Thank heavens because that was a tradition I was not quite cut out for losing yet. I even went back and made one for David. It was so surreal watching "normal" life and then suddenly we never got out of sweatpants or went anywhere.. what a year to be alive!

She is almost as tall as my mom. Heaven help me when she becomes taller than her. I can't.....


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