and then... ocmd!

After two days at home we headed to the beach once more, this time for our Olsen beach weekend with Matt's aunt and uncle and his brother and their family in Ocean City, Maryland. We didn't even bother unpacking from Stone Harbor... I basically just washed the clothes and then put them right back into the suitcase. Sure made it easier!

The weather was supposed to be a total wash out this weekend but we lucked out! We drove through some rain, sure, but once we got there the clouds cleared out and we were able to head right to the beach! Where we saw more dolphins! Just not quite as close as the past weekend. After dinner we did something we have never done before down there and we kayaked on the bay! Aunt Sue took David and I had Letty... it was fun! I haven't kayaked in years and I miss being out there on the water like that!