all the (summer) things...

There are a few weeks towards the middle of July to the end of August where we are just really busy.  Imagine if it wasn't a pandemic how busy we would be!? 

There are an inordinate amount of birthdays... I mean really people. David, Letty, myself, Matt's uncle, two of my nieces. It's quite a lot! In between all of that celebrating we have been of course... swimming! Matt is almost finished with the kid's playset... we still need to order some type of sun sail so they don't burn their tootsies every time they go up there.. ice cream for the birthday boy...swims with friends while the kids had ice cream with their grandparents and the new generation in the art of the George Washington pool 'do... delicious food...pool side cuddles and friend jumps... milkshakes and Book Mobile visits..... night swims and s'mores... friend play dates and hair cuts... Trovato cousins... road side stand flowers.... early birthday gifts from my sweet Floridian Friend.... fireworks and another party....cuddling the newest baby and wearing sun hats...Olsen cousins and more good food.... mom friends and girl friends and boy friends... more night swims with mom friends and more George Washington hairstyles... (I blame Hamilton. Here Comes the General! The moment you've been waiting for!!! The pride of Mount Vernon!!!) Fun parent jumps.... hibiscus flowers! Letty and a friend getting their second holes in their ears... boy dates and a baseball game (sad David may only be able to make one this season).... good sky and hammock hangs and birthday gifts from a sweet friend...cousin hangs at the Book Mobile and husking corn with Uncle Matt.... another birthday party for a friend of Letty's and of course Lena's birthday day.... 

I mean with not much going on because of COVID we sure have a lot going on! This summer can last forever please and thank you!  

Except not, because I need my kids in school.



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